I have created all my life- in different ways, with different mediums, from the very moment I could start to think. My first encounter with ceramics was in high school and again in college where I took a couple of courses – it always made a huge impression on me. After that I lost touch with the craft for many years, and it wasn’t until 2021 that I picked it up again. Something inside me told me to not let this go, but to go all in. So I did. I bought myself a wheel, pottery supplies, and started making pieces in my single room apartment, and here we are! 

Each piece is designed by me, Rachel McCloskey, utilizing a variety of production techniques from hand throwing, slip casting, and hand building. It’s a very organic process, and no two pieces are exactly alike. I celebrate the natural variations, and hope you cherish the individual spirit of each piece.

I’m beyond excited about this little gemstone of mine that is House of Friday Ceramics, and I’m hoping you also want to join me on this journey.